Top 10 Free Online Courses With Certificates In India

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Free online courses with certificates are making a huge impact on the country. These online courses help a student live by gaining skill and various certifications without wasting time and money. We are moving towards work from home culture. So we need to develop our skills accordingly. We are living in the age of the internet which has infinite power. We spend a lot of time on mobiles and computers but we are not using it properly. Mobiles means half of the world in your hand. Nowadays you can do a lot of online stuff of your life with a single-handed mobile. Either it is electricity bills, online courses with the best online study material. 

I listed some key points which help you decide how free online courses will change our life.

  • At Interviews - Today companies are demanding skills over education and if you have skills, this will be a plus in your resume. Online courses ease you to increase your favorite skills as well as your time and money. You can show your talent with a verified certificate which makes you valid for the job. You are a professional not a learner and apart from other candidates.
  • Multiple Options - You can pursue multiple courses online. You have several options as per your interest. If you are an IT professional you can go for programming, web development, etc. If you are a graduate or belong to a non-IT field, you can move to graphics designing, Digital Marketing, content writer, etc.
  • Resume Builder - You will be able to make an eye-catching resume after these certified online courses. Because you know some extra skills which make you acquire high packages in the industry.

Requirements before applying for online courses.
  • Broadband Internet 
  • PC or Personal computer 
  • Webcam and mic
  • At the time of online study sit in a cozy environment

Most universities and colleges also started their online courses. They are providing distance learning programs to students and will surely provide you a valid degree proof after your program ends.

There are fantastic course providers out there. But the question is which course is best for us. I will provide you with a good list of online courses provider websites that you can trust on and they will provide you a quality online education with a valid certificate. Some providers will cost you for the courses but if you are serious about your career and want some great skill at home. You need to invest a little cost in your courses. I know it is a bit difficult to invest. But once you choose a single course and complete it in a short time. After you will get a good job. At this stage, you can earn your money. Won’t regret your decision. I have done so much research in the online courses and also joined some of them which help me to improve myself. So I made a top 10 list of free online courses with certificates which saves your time and makes you a perfect time management machine.

Top 10 Listed online course providers not only focus on the IT industry, but it is also for those who have graduated,10+2 pass out, and are looking for new skill improvement.

There are many courses for a single person. Once you visit these sites you will learn about your skills as per your interest.

online courses

1)Udemy (best for digital marketing and graphics designing)

Udemy is a great platform for learning productivity. It has 13 categories of courses. Digital marketing is the one course that is booming nowadays. Digital marketing applies marketing principles of marketing but apply these via online platforms. Today everything depends on the internet and traditional marketing going out of the market. Companies need digital Marketing for each category like SEO specialist, content marketing, social media specialist, etc.   

Graphics plays a bigger role in the company marketing strategy. As the picture says louder than attract more clients to the company. Companies require graphic designers and provide you a handsome salary. Photography is in demand for magazine companies. If you want to learn there is an online course with a certificate. On Udemy platform nice faculty are available for your online course. If you have any doubt you can ask an expert. Courses on Udemy are pocket friendly which will give you a good return on investment.

free online courses

Categories Of Courses :
  • Development 
  • Business 
  • Finance and accounting
  • IT software 
  • Personal development 
  • Design 
  • Marketing 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Photography
  • Music 
  • Teaching and academics

free online courses with printable certificates

2) Coursera (Best for degree courses and data science courses)

Coursera has a huge collection of courses. The various courses include personal development, data science, and information technology, business courses, etc as well.
Data science is the key to the industry. Big companies need to save big data and manage all the data which can be utilized for future reference. Data scientists and AI intelligence are the best courses for the IT professional. The current trend of these courses will bring good luck to those who completed it. Big universities also enroll in online courses. So you have to just enroll yourself in one online course and get a degree.  

free online computer courses with certificates

free online courses with certificates in india

3) Linkedin Learning (For self-improvement)

Everybody knows LinkedIn is a platform for jobs and professionals. Job professionals need skills apart from their educational background. Apple, Microsoft, and other big companies now are hiring candidates based on their skills. They need personality traits as well. In linked learning you can do short term online free courses of excel, personality development, entrepreneur skills for startup guys, leadership quality.

online learning sites for students

free online courses with certificates

4)Google Garage (Best for google analytics certification)

Google also launched online courses for job seekers and students. Anyone can enroll and gain a certified google certificate with an online program. Most of the courses have online free courses but only a few online courses have paid. Google Analytics certification is the best skill for students who want to go into analysis. Analyzing the data and providing your prediction to the company. It helps the company to make decisions. So if you are a decision-maker you can choose google analytics certification.

google analytics certification
List of Categories and classes at google include :

  • Digital Marketing classes
  • Productivity 
  • Business Security
  • Business Communication
  • Social psychology
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • AI

google training program

5) Simplilearn (best for IT professional)

If you are looking for your dream job this online course provider is for you. They provide more courses related to the IT industry. They also provide you campus placement facility which is the need of the young generation. Some online courses have job assistance also which helps students to build their future. They also provide quality management courses that improve the productivity of the IT personnel. At Simplilearn you can opt for an online classroom or do it by self-study material.

online learning sites for students

Here I listed some categories of courses are as follows:
  • Project Management
  • Big Data
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Masters programs Cyber Security Expert
  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Business and Leadership
  • IT Service and Architecture
  • Software Development
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6) Khan Academy Classes ( best for school Students and exam preparation)

The academy has full mathematics and science courses online. A school student can go to his website and watch the video lesson topic wise. Khan Academy has free courses available on his website. Parents can also use this website. Math foundation courses build a good future for school going students. Online classes help students to clear their doubts and move forward.

free online courses with certificates in india

7) (Best for Management Online Courses or MBA)

The courses are available in the consists of a full syllabus and also how many hours it takes to complete it. Management related courses are more popular at this site. You will find finance, math, physics, chemistry, English, etc. online courses which help to boost your capability. If a person belongs to a different educational background, they can enroll for other courses as well.

Categories of the free online courses are as follows:
  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Business Administration 
  • Chemistry 
  • Communication
  • Computer science
  • Economics 
  • English 
  • History
  • Learning skills 
  • Mathematics
  • Political science 
  • Physics
  • sociology

free online courses with certificates

8)Skillshare (Best For Film-making, Art, Animation, Photography)

Skillshare is an India based online class. If creativity is your hobby then these free online courses for you. It also provides various courses like UI/UX development, animation courses, graphics designing, etc. These are all creative fields that come with good salary packages. After pursuing these creative courses a film production company, news media, online marketing professionals can hire you for your creative work. You can make a lot of bucks with your creativity. 

online management courses with certificates

leadership and management courses online

9) Hubspot Academy (Best For Sales Professionals and Graduated Students)

Hubspot is a leader in sales, inbound marketing, and customer support. These online courses are the backbone of an industry. Industry needs an expert person for a particular field. These courses will make you an industry levels expert which makes you a skilled person for a job.

online management courses with certificates

10) Free Edx online courses (best for degree courses and IT learning)

Edx covers a wide variety of courses. It has a collection of engineering courses and it also provides a degree program. If you need a degree in a specified field then these online Edx online courses help you to be a graduate from top universities. Here one can pursue his selected courses from large segments.

Some major categories are listed below:
  • Architecture 
  • Engineering 
  • Data analysis 
  • Law courses
  • Business and management 
  • Food and nutrition
  • Health and safety 

So that was the top 10 free online courses that provide you a valid certificate. After learning these courses one can gain importance in industry and work for higher packages. If you have skills then your salary has no bar. One can achieve success in these courses by practicing. Practice makes a man perfect. So always practice what you studied during online classes. Save a lot of money by doing it from your home. I explain these skills for everyone. Just you have to choose one skill and do it by heart. After your resume will glow and you will land in your dream job.Comment below the skill which you like most and what's your passion. If you find this article nice and helpful then please share it.


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